Get Down


Basel. Switzerland

02 September – 25 September 2004

For this project, a 4 room apartment was totally transformed into a hive of cardboard tunnels and chambers. The entranceway into the exhibition opens only halfway, confronting visitors with a wall of cardboard. At the base of the wall is a small opening where they must get down on all fours before crawling into the depths of the construction. Once inside, total blackness compels them to grope around, exploring the inside of the labyrinth, leaving all notion of space and time outside. This requires visitors to let go and trust in their senses. During the journey, they encounters dead-ends, holes, inclines and hollows which trigger contrasting emotions. They undergo a subjective experience far from everyday reality, during which they rediscover a combination of childlike fear and excitement.

press: Verpuppung im Haus Nichts für Klaustrophobiker Einstieg ins Ungewisse