Neue Kunsthalle

St.Gallen. Switzerland

25 June – 21 August 2005

To celebrate 20 years of the Neue Kunst Halle St.Gallen, a 200 square metre cardboard burrow was created in the main hall. As far as visitors are concerned, the only visible part of the project is the suspended entranceway. Once plunged into darkness, they are then obliged to prostrate themselves and crawl into a hole, where they slide several metres towards the starting point of their adventure. Unable to turn back, they must then get on their knees and clamber, wriggle or squirm through the lair before emerging on the other side. Visitors are put to the test both physically and psychologically during their exploration, punctuated as it is by challenges of varying difficulty which push visitors to exceed themselves. The project invites social interaction, with initiated explorers attempting to dispel newcomers’ fear of the unknown by convincing them of the simplicity of this subterranean assault course.

press: Danke, junges Haus Höhle und Hölle