Il y a que l’inaccessible qui vaille la peine

La Villa Bernasconi

Geneva. Switzerland

04 November – 23 December 2005

This installation took shape in one of the bedrooms on the Villa’s first floor, with access provided by a small trap door hidden at the base of a locked door. Visitors may squeeze in through a narrow tunnel leading to the first room. Here they discover a clandestine, two-floor laboratory beneath claustrophic, low ceilings. The laboratory’s purpose remains shrouded in mystery. The second section extends along the outdoor balcony, a long chamber, padded all about with mattresses and resembling a hideaway for illegal workers. Here, visitors believe they are still inside the villa’s walls, prompting them to confront their sense of direction and perception of the building’s real dimensions. The installation is hidden within the art centre and gives the impression of not being part of the exhibition itself, but rather a permanent feature of the building.