Un rien négatif

Salle Crosnier

Geneva. Switerland

06 April – 06 May 2006

Visitors enter a space plunged into obscurity where the only source of light is a small neon lamp, positioned in the opposite corner of the hall. Visitors are surrounded by a mixture of both partial and complete spheres. At first, as they venture inside, the limited light does not allow them to distinguish what kind of material this voluminous world is made out of. This lends solidity and gravity to the forms and tricks visitors into perceiving that this is some kind of retro-futuristic landscape. However, once they reach the other side of the room, the light source reveals that the spheres are in fact hollow cardboard structures. Further away, a half-open door projects glaring light onto stacks of triangles, spare pieces used for construction of the spheres. The negative space left by these stacks forms a walkway leading towards the second room, where visitors are then confronted by a mountain of cardboard rubbish. On the wall, three large photos enigmatically depict variously stages of production. The base of the rubbish heap conceals a narrow passage, enticing visitors to wriggle inside towards a hollow cavity. The lair is supported by a table which prevents the cardboard ‘ceiling’ from collapsing, whilst the walls are formed by piled up layers of cardboard, reminding visitors just where they are. Visitors to the den also discover a mattress, some covers and a small lamp.