No Place Like Home


Bern. Switzerland

05 May – 02 June 2007

"No Place Like Home" is a cycle composed of three installations by Daniel Robert Hunziker, Andrea Dojmi and the Chapuisat brothers, conceived as a first invitation to the Stadt Galerie’s new home.
The main idea of this show is to put into play the chance of a sequence, able to display the expositive process itself, the diverse possibilities of using the space and its characteristics, and leaving a good deal of freedom to the artists.

[...] This third intervention is conceived as a trip into matter, into the masses and structures of an exploded idea of home. The look of the inside ambient of the Chapuisat brothers installations is often opposite to the one of the outside. If the Outside could appear like an oversized lair of a wild beast, or the nest of a giant Neolithic bird, the inside ambiences will appear in a crystal-like form, like the interiors of the house of Superman. If the outside look shows rather a simple hole, or a trap-door in the wall, the interior ambiences would be caught as a fortune habitat completed with some basic facilities for a minimum comfort (sheets, a Bialetti coffee-maker with electric cooker, an elementary toilet etc.). Chaos and penury expressed by the use of raw materials, restricted ambiences and second-hand objects are mixed with the excessive and complex organization and luxury size of part of the structures that seems to be stolen from a scientific (micro-biology, bio-genetic, ...) or from a science-fiction imagery. This manufactured ambiences reveals the uncanny reflection of the outside reality, or the world upside down in the bad trip of an insane.

Guest Curator: Noah Stolz

press: Nirgendwo wie im Kunstraum