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The Why of Life
Swiss Institute

New York. USA

08 April – 17 May 2008

Gregory and Cyril Chapuisat, Carsten Höller, Sean Landers, Kelly Nipper, Lisa Oppenheim, Roman Signer // Curated by Gianni Jetzer

Despite today’s enormous amount of information, the reason for our existence remains enigmatic. The amount of dark secrets is bone crushing compared to what we know as sure as fate. The group-show "The Why of Life" brings together works from international artists concerned with spirits of life and their extinction.

The exhibition recalls the leitmotif of Materialism and Causality, and how these principles relate to one another. The "billiard ball" hypothesis, a product of Newtonian physics, argues that once the initial conditions of the universe have been established the rest of history follows inevitably. Most artworks in the show reflect universal questions in a micro-scale. They circle around the bigness of small things and stress the nothingness of human existence.

link: swiss institute