Le Printemps de Septembre

Toulouse. France

21 September – 14 October 2007

Wheeeeel, a young french art scene

Wheeeeel brings together in Toulouse a young generation of artists whose works are shown as they are, without any thematic constraint scaling the works down to a one-note meaning.

Because each one of the artists has been invited to put forward a proposal for an entire exhibition space, the show can be read as a series of projects emphasizing the compatibility between an approach and a site, in the various quite specific places which make up the Printemps de Septembre circuit.
Far from being a unified whole, Wheeeeel thus seeks to describe the complexity and wealth of works produced by a deliberately smallish number of artists - just 25 for six venues and more than 3500 sq.m/37,500 sq.ft of exhibition space - most of whom have thus been able to introduce new projects for the occasion.

With artists just embarking on their careers, along with hitherto unexhibited pieces, this top-tier exhibition will definitely have variety, no shortage of ideas, and the gaudy colors of a first disk. Let us wager that it will be a beginners’ album, the sort of slightly mutinous and disjointed album which we shall often refer back to, because it contains the embryonic heady tunes that will forge the hits of later disks.

Curators: Marie-Frédérique Hallin and Thierry Leviez

press: Roue libre, La jeunesse se réfugie au "printemps de septembre" de Toulouse