Nature morte

La clefs est sous le paillasson
A-zero Art Space

Geneva. Switzerland

11 June – 16 August 2003

This installation was on show at the Espace A-zéro collective exhibition. It resembles an oversized nest of branches, a leafy, entangled mass arranged in such a way as to form walls of sufficient thickness that they blot out noise and light penetration. A heady aroma of diverse woodland fragrances permeates the inner enclosure, whilst a narrow tunnel forms the only entranceway, forcing visitors to get on all fours to crawl inside and burrow into the darkness...once immured within, a dimly-lit mass of downy feathers and clustered fibres confronts the explorer, arousing a primordial sensation of bestiality intermingled with fairytale enchantment. The creation engulfs visitors, forcing them to question their own modernity; it also offers a perception of nature which is both hostile and protective.