(In Wood We Trust)

Chicago Architecture Biennale
6018 North

Chicago. USA

13 September – 08 January 2018

Challenging art, architecture, work, and play, The Chapuisat Brothers’s tree-top In Wood We Trust is entered by crawling through a tunnel inside 6018North. Built entirely of wood, the large invasive structure and exhibition transforms our perception of the space it occupies and the people within it. An anarchitectural intervention, it is a deceptively playful yet dramatic utopian experiment in building community through architecture and art. While the main floor of the structure is in the tree-top, below visitors are invited to physically thread through winding passages and get lost within its intricate maze, funhouse, and collective space. Located between architecture, sculpture, and playground, the Chapuisat Brothers’s work challenges our perceptions of space, movement, and gravity, while questioning distinctions between architecture, art, work, play, and communal exchange. In the process, it posits that the corporeal and convivial pleasure of experiencing art should not be separated from its visual and intellectual components.
In many ways, the Chapusiat Brothers use brotherhood as a fundamental metaphor for their communal, experimental, utopian venues that question whether art, life, play, work, or communal creation is occurring within them.

6018North is an Affiliate Partner for the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

This project is partially supported by a grant from the Graham Foundation

Link : 6018North. Graham Foundation.