Reflections from Nature
Song Eun Art Space

Seoul. Korea

17 February – 21 April 2012

SongEun ArtSpace is excited to present the first of our special annual projects titled, “Switzerland in SongEun”. SongEun ArtSpace will select one country each year with the aim to present not only a group exhibition of promising young contemporary artists but also a program related to visual creativeness.

The program will start with the opening of the art exhibition, “Reflections from Nature: Collection of Cahiers d’ Artistes”. The first image that the general Korean public has of Switzerland is of its beautiful and pristine nature. Nature is also one of the most universal and timeless themes in art that spans over generations and continents. The selection of artists was based on their connection to and inspiration from nature and their "abstract" interpretations. Also, we selected artists who are all showing for the very first time in Korea. Through site specific site installations, video showings and references, we hope to inspire the Korean public with this "common" theme but in a way to inspire and to provoke new understandings.

The artists are selected from the prestigious Swiss Arts Council, Pro Helvetia’s “Collection Cahiers d’Artistes” Project. Since 1997 Pro Helvetia has used its “Collection Cahiers d’Artistes” to support promising artists from the visual arts field who have no previous publication to their name. For these visual artists, their first appearance in print helps them on their way to becoming internationally recognized. The “Collection Cahiers d’Artistes” is a promotional tool that enables the Arts Council to acquaint the public at home and abroad with the Swiss arts scene.

We are also pleased to announce that all the artists (except Adrien Missika) will be in Seoul for the installation and opening and are also available for interviews. In particular, the Chapusiat Brothers have created an ambitious large site specific project with all materials coming from Korea.

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