Nostalgia Little Mutant

Czarna Galleria

Warsaw. Poland

02 November – 17 December 2010

The current exhibition by the Chapuisat brothers, entitled: "Nostalgia Little Mutant " is the result of the artists’ residential stay at Czarna GALLERY during which it was prepared. Its main object is a giant wooden installation organically filling one of the gallery’s rooms - the one, in which recently renovators uncovered interesting old stuccos, which now architecturally dominate the character of the space. Generally speaking, the work resembles an enormous, over-sized nest or a high tower or scaffolding of sorts for the visitors to climb up in order to see and fully experience and appreciate the design in its entirety as well as the magnificent stuccos . The timber - the installation’s building material, permeates the whole vicinity beginning with the very staircase of the Marszałkowska 4 apartment building, where the gallery is located.
The work - inspired by nature - refers to the notion of habitat, understood as the optimum environmental setting for an organism to live in. Erratic and shifty as it may seem at first glance, in fact, it follows strictly the logic of construction and takes into account the specific function of this unusual piece of architecture as well as the requirements of safety. The fact that the installation has been erected in an interior dedicated to art opens yet another dimension of interpretation; The borderline between life and art is questioned as the hitherto non-habitable space of the gallery is being reclaimed and restored to its original functionality of providing shelter against the dangers out there.
The air of adventure and mystery also hovers above the installation flowing from the combination of the effect of the unexpected and the possibility to actively explore a work of art
Built into architectural context of a listed building (it is over 100 years old) the installation places itself in the vital stream of artistic discourse unfolding along the lines of issues as fundamental as space, art institutions or shelter, understood as the basic minimum of living space.
Chapuisat brothers are mostly known for their unique style of architectural interventions carried out within the spaces of various art-related institutions, where the artists often construct corridors and passages hidden within the extant walls or beneath the surface of the floor or set up systems of disposable architecture systems, thus shedding new light upon the idea of a work place of art being simultaneously the space of its presentation . They also reveal in quite a witty way the aspect of architecture and camouflage in its protective function as a shield against potential hazards.