The Resort

Ways Out From The World

Avanos. Turkey

18 May – 11 June 2017

Only the children who are locked up in the rooms know the ways out from the world [1]

The “Ways Out From The World” is a quotation from the author, the poet and the artist Sami Baydar’s book of the same title from 1990. In despairing circumstances of impossibility and impotence of action, Baydar proposes the poetic act –Act of making meaning / making the World- as a vigorous enactment of emancipation, directly referencing to the realm of imaginary, the ways that art can open up.

As opposed to the naked reality as factuality, “Ways Out From The World” intended to conjure up desires for what had not yet emerged, not yet been visible and was yet to come.

In order to conceive the world today that has ever become more complicated with the ongoing wars, mass migrations, environmental problems, the exhibition aimed at proposing novel languages, creative forms, unorthodox methods and practices to open up the imaginary. Cappadox 2017 contemporary art program explored the distinct ways of poetic act, ‘making the world’ in the heart of the inspiring and complex geography of Cappadocia, by and large Anatolia. Excavating their unique ways out from the world, the invited artists brought out proposals which encompass issues like voicing the possibility of an equalitarian companionship with other species on Earth, or introducing a new planet to move into.

All in all, “Ways Out From The World” did not refer to the escapist strategies, but it was rather an invitation to get as courageous as the imagination goes.

Curators : Fulya Erdemci. Kevser Güler. Ilgin Deniz Akseloglu.

Link : Cappadox