Spatial Positions
Swiss Architecture Museum

Basel. Switzerland

07 June – 07 July 2013

‹Spatial Positions› is the name of the exhibition series beginning at the Swiss Architecture Museum in may. On display will be the work of contemporary architects and artists as well as interpretations of historic architectural positions from a contemporary point of view. The projects and installations reach the boundaries of the architectural discipline. It is not the intention to define a groundbreaking direction or style, but rather to define a subjective investigation far from the trend Towards a global cultural uniformity.
What are the key functions of architecture? Is it still, or once again, socially relevant? How does the role of the architect change in a strongly visually perceived world? To which point can temporary structures still be regarded as architecture? The aim of this exhibition series, which will be continued in the following years, is to further foster the debate on the extended definition of architecture.
A talk held during the runtime of the exhibition is integral part of each presentation.

How can art and architecture be combined in new ways? How do artists react to contemporary architecture? The positions of three Swiss artists who use the architectural space as a material in their work are exhibited in the S AM Swiss Architecture Museum. Each artist will occupy one room in the museum and transform it into an architectural cosmos.
The disciplines of architecture and art are related in their work-method, and yet they serve different functions. This exhibition does not aim to define the influence they have on one another, but rather to offer, through their independent positions, fresh thought-provoking impulses to further the architecture discourse.

link : Swiss Architecture Museum