SLACK ! Deux-Caps Art Festival

Les Deux-Caps. France

20 June – 20 September 2015

14 artist’s installations
16 km of unusual walks
36 km of coast
Un Grand Site de France

After obtaining the Grand Site de France label in March 2011, the Département du Pas-de-Calais with artconnexion, is bringing together fourteen internationally renowned and young French artists:

Jean-Daniel Berclaz, Julien Boucq, Frères Chapuisat, Marie Denis, Mark Dion, Nicolas Floc’h, Kenny Hunter, Vincent Lamouroux, Didier Marcel, Maria Montesi, Liliana Motta, Françoise Pétrovitch, Pierre Redon, Janusz Stega.

The Département du Pas-de-Calais and artconnexion invites you to (re)-discover the Site des Deux-Caps, one of the fourteen Grands Sites de France: contemporary artists are creating works with regard to its geography, respond to its geological and cultural history, dialogue with its special beauty, and surprise everyone– inhabitants and visitors alike. Nature (be it wild, preserved or tamed), man (in particular the farmer, architect of landscapes, and the fisherman) as well as the heritage (of war, fishing, and building) are the three main themes of this new art event.

Three pedestrian circuits offer the whole wealth of the landscapes of the Site des Deux-Caps: routes through traditional villages, views over the Baie de Wissant, Cap Blanc-nez, and Cap Griz-Nez, discovery of the Carrière du Phare, sweeping views of the Marais de Tardinghen, climbing dunes, a walk along the beach and cliffs... Works in the landscape by Liliana Motta and Didier Marcel mark the entrance and exit of the Site des Deux-Caps - and Mark Dion’s Mouette/Seagull, a mobile work, is installed in villages for traditional festivals (Mussel, Crab, Flobart...) and in natural places in the Site. A permanent work by the Scottish artist Kenny Hunter has been commissioned for the Maison du Site des Deux Caps as part of the New Patrons programme of the Fondation de France.

A programme of events is planned throughout the summer – workshops, guided visits, evening screenings, walks with commentaries, barbecues,...

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